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What are we building?

Santa Monica Mountains App



1) ArcGIS Online (maps, data, services, analyses)?

2) ArcGIS JavaScript development?                          



Scale of 1-10...


How familiar are you with:

Getting Started

ArcGIS Development

ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS Dev Process






ArcGIS Pro

Map Viewer


App Builders


REST Services

Web Maps


Let's get set up!

  1. Sign up at ArcGIS for Developers

  2. Redeem voucher

  3. Sign up at (JavaScript developers)

Voucher Code:  XXX

Part 1


ArcGIS Online

Store data 

in the cloud

Hosted Services

  • Feature Service
  • Tile Service

1. Import Data

  • ArcGIS Online
  • Use "Add Item"
  • View and Query REST endpoint

2. Create New Data

  • ArcGIS for Developers
  • Create Dataset
  • Define schema interactively
  • ArcGIS Online Map View to add data

3. Make Data from Data

  • GeoEnrich Data
  • Buffers
  • Drive/walk time
  • Spatial Analyses


  • Use feature service URLs
  • Add as a layer to the map
  • Uses default styling

Your turn!

Part 2


ArcGIS Online

Create and style

web maps

Create a new web map

  • ArcGIS Online Map Viewer
  • Add layers and basemaps
  • Create, Edit, Share data
  • Use in apps
  • Stored and accessible as JSON

Style Layers

  • Default Renderers
    • Points
    • Lines
    • Polygons 
  • Use custom symbology

Style Popups

  • Override default popup settings
  • Format - title, body, fields, values
  • Charts

Smart Mapping

  • "Smart" styling of layers based on data
  • Apply symbols and colors
  • Based on fields, data, formulas
  • Color ramps with breaks
  • Override

Save Layer Styles

  • Copy and save layers with custom symbology
  • Save as new items
  • Inspect JSON
  • Use JSON in apps

Style Vector Tiles

  • New basemaps in ArcGIS Online (Beta)
  • Easy to edit and style root.json
  • Re-upload to update your layer

Style 3d layers 

  • Use Scene viewer or JS API 4.0
  • Access layers
  • Apply 3D symbols


  • Add a styled layer to an app
  • Style a layer with JSON
  • Style a layer popup
  • Add vector tile basemap

Your turn!

Part 3


Templates, Builders & APIs

Build apps from

maps and layers

Web Map Apps

  • Reference web map and it's configurations
  • e.g. title, subtitle, legend, map, popups
  • Re-use styles and configuration
  • Can be updated independently of app code

Apps from Web Maps

1. Configurable Apps

  • Specific apps that bring your maps to life
  • Many to choose from
  • Configure, save, share, reconfigure
  • Source code on GitHub
  • Download, customize and host

2. Web AppBuilder

  • Powerful app builder
  • Mobile friendly apps
  • Many themes and layouts
  • Easy to configure, save, share
  • Builder - custom widgets and themes

3. ArcGIS JS API 3.x/4.x

  • Powerful APIs for accessing ArcGIS
  • Documentation and samples
  • Access web maps by ID
  • Widgets

Apps from Layers


  • Plugin for accessing ArcGIS services
  • Basemaps, feature services, geo services
  • Access REST endpoints
  • Pure JS API

Apps in


Calcite Maps - Bootstrap

  • Modern framework for map apps
  • CSS for different layouts
  • Optional custom Sass build
  • Support for ArcGIS JS 3.x, 4.x & Esri-Leaflet

Native Apps

from Maps

App Studio

  • Tool for building native apps - no code!
  • Create from web maps and templates
  • Build for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • Player for testing and distribution
  • Builder for local development

Your turn!

  • ArcGIS Dev Process: Data - Design - Develop
  • ArcGIS services, spatial analyses and mapping tools
  • ArcGIS Templates, Builders and APIs


Use web maps to build apps quickly!

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The end!

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