The Origins and Uses of the High Five


  • What is a High Five
  • Who invented the High Five
  • Uses of High Fives

What is a High Five?


  • Down Low... Too Slow
  • Air Five
  • The full 180 to the low five
  • Many more

Origin Stories

Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker

Derek Smith and Wiley Brown

Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless

Why is the High Five Usefull

  • Fix bad behaviour in children[1]
  • Spread fewer germs as a greeting[2]
  • Can help a team be more successful[3]


  • Mundane Gesture
  • Murkey past
  • Many uses, from childcare to sports


High Five

By Alex Day

High Five

Origins, description, and the meaning behind high fives.

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