Building an analytics database

on a dime

Antolínez: The Poor Painter, c 1670

Your Host Tonight

Lucía: Daddy, 2014

Alex Fernández

Chief Senior Data Scientist at MediaSmart Mobile


What we will cover

  • Our Mission

  • Back to SQL

  • Aggregation and Accumulation

  • Our Next Challenge

  • Analytical DBs are hard

What We Do

Serve Mobile Ads

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Performance campaigns

85 K+ requests / second

10 M+ impressions / day

40+ servers

20+ countries


Image source: Stupid Zombies 2

We help pay for your entertainment

Taming Big Data

How big is "big data"?

Check Inventory

3+ MM bid offers per day

About 100 MM per month

Ask simple questions

On a budget!

We are a startup

our mission

Sassetta: Freeing the Poor from a Prison, c 1440

Previous Attempts

Sent over RabbitMQ

Gobbled our systems

Stored in CouchBase

Too slow to query

Stored in Redis

Too much information


Visualize one month inventory

Run most queries in < 1 sec

Development: a few weeks

Budget: < 1% of income

~ $1K / month budget

We Paid Close Attention

At BSD'13

Well, most of the time

What We Explored




Amazon RedShift

Google BigQuery

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Data Pipeline

Amazon RedShift

Columnar database


Cheap! All you can eat!

160 GB SSD: $700 / month

PostgreSQL Interface

Redshift peculiarities

Full scans are not evil anymore!

but the usual way of access

Constant look-up times

1 second per 4 M values per node

Does not cache subqueries well

Back to SQL

Goya: Interior of a Prison, 1793

Our Data Structure




ad size


country code

operating system


Raw data

3 MM events / day

Each event characterized by 24 fields

Each field can take 2~20 values

Can simply count events with fields

Table Design: Star

Recommended by Amazon

Type tables, main data with foreign keys

Data loading becomes very hard

Table Design: Refs

Each combination of values is stored only once

Takes ~half the space, > 2x the querying time

Several refs: hits a bottleneck

Table Design: Flat

Data lines are loaded as is

Very simple code

Easy loading, no foreign keys

Redshift behaves surprisingly well


and accumulation

Wright: An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump, 1678


Group events by fields

Pure exponential:

  • 2 values/field: 2 24 ~ 16 M refs

  • 3 values/field: 3 24 ~ 282 MM refs

Actual values:

Hourly: ~200M events ~2M refs

Daily: 3.5 MM events 8M refs

Unique / total

That is convenient!

Exponential fit

Close, but no cigar

generalized coupon collector problem

Thanks to an answer on Cross Validated

There are many possible values

with different frequencies

Normal distribution?

Quite a few papers about it

None that clarify our case

Fast Path: six fields

Initially visible fields

Accumulated on their own

A whole day → 20K values!

A new accumulation process

What It Looks Like

Three/four different tables per view


Bids in real time:

Real time

Inventory analysis:


Our Next Challenge

Bidding Data

Less events (10~60 M / day)

Additional fields (50% more)

Does not aggregate as nicely

Challenge Accepted

Leutze: Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, 1861

Bidding Data Issues

24 + 12 fields

Many values to accumulate:

bids sent, bid price, bids won...

Actual aggregation values:

10 M → 2 M unique events

Analytical DBs: hard

Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights, Hell, c 1480 (detail)

Gathering Requirements

We want MetaMarkets!

We want all possible fields,

just in case

All fields should go equally fast

Actual quotes from our users

Lots of Bits and Pieces

Amazon Data Pipeline: not so hot

Major Challenges

Big data is challenging

Near the operating limits of current tech

Performance should be key to user systems

Good engineering requires many iterations

Lessons Learned

Test everything

Aggregate everything

Build APIs to isolate systems

Deliver fast, iterate several times


Tintoretto: Mercury and the Graces, 1576

Building an Analytics Database on a Dime

By Alex Fernández

Building an Analytics Database on a Dime

Talk for Big Data Spain 2014-11-18

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