5 Ways to Enhance Your Essay

Essay writing service doesn’t have to be difficult and with some knowledge and tips, you can breeze through any type of essay.

Know the Main Essay Components

We all know the basics structure of the essays: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Something that is honed into us from school years.

The hook

So instead of searching for a free essay writer on the internet, it’s best to learn to write on your own. In this article, I will tell you the crux of writing an academic essay.  

Know Your Audience

One of the most overlooked factors is knowing your audience. A mature person of significant knowledge will never give much heed to an essay that’s raising simple and obvious points. While, a person of a young age, still developing his domain of knowledge and understanding will fail to grasp advanced and complex thoughts.


The former leads to boredom, the latter to exhaustion. You don’t want both.


But the essay is held and run by five main elements, each one is important on its own.


Know your audience and develop your arguments in accordance with the audience’s standards. Survey into what type of texts they consume, and what level of complexity in ideas and arguments they grasp.


Research accordingly

Another writing pitfall is the writer’s immediate dive into the writing part without proper research. Most writers who don’t do their necessary research on a topic no matter how familiar. They end up running out of arguments and ideas midway of the essay. Even if they do complete their essay it’s weak at best.


Research is more important in the writings of political, historical, and literary writings. Here, the writers have to go one further than reading and taking notes. They are required to find connections between texts and ideas and combine them to form new arguments and ideas.


No matter how familiar you are with the topic, do your research first.



Prewriting is the process of organizing your information about the text, the thoughts, ideas, and connections. It uses techniques such as Journaling, Freewriting, and Brainstorming.


Amongst the three, brainstorming is widely used. It requires the writers to put the subject down and place ideas, related to the subject, around it. This creates a web of ideas and relationships around it, allowing the writers to form arguments and come up with the essay structure.  `  

Focus on the introduction

The Funnel--wide at the top--narrow at the bottom, illustrates fully how the introduction should be written and organized. 

Starting with the hook, the introduction discusses the subject generally at first and in subsequent sentences narrows and aligns the subject matter to the topic subject. 

This gives it a logical flow to introduce the all-important points, also check write my essay for more useful information.

Thesis Statement

The Thesis Statement should be carefully crafted as it carries the whole essay. Make sure that the thesis should mention the subject, what are your ideas or arguments about the subject, and how you are going to demonstrate or present those ideas. 

It is important to mention some other instances where the essay writers can enhance their writing:

They should try to maintain an active voice throughout their essay and combine it with good transition words. As it acts to form sentences and helps the readers to navigate.

Remember, you are writing for your readers, not for yourself!

5 Ways to Enhance Your Essay

By alexjonson

5 Ways to Enhance Your Essay

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