Building a CAD workflow


3 May 2017

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  • Few Announcements
  • Show and Tell
  • Understanding what a workflow is
  • Get started in Fusion 360


  • Codestock is this Friday and Saturday
    • Friday evening at 7pm, KnoxDevs is hosting an After Party for the conference, don't have to attend the conference to be able to go. 
  • Next Meetup: June 7th, Open (any takers?)

Workflow Basics

  • In CAD, very easy to make something quick, that ends up becoming a pain later...
  • While for complicated parts it may be unlikely that someone else will be reproducing the part in the future, that person could be you if something goes wrong later...
  • All the time when working on teams, plans change and parts need to be redrawn. Be awesome if it was just a couple of clicks to change rather than days redrawing.


  • Closed entities!
  • Clear configuration of offsets / Common Baseline
  • Constraints are your best friends. But if you abuse them, things explode.


  • Configure entities that change based on a value

Building a CAD Workflow

By Alex Pawlowski

Building a CAD Workflow

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