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I/O 2018

Allen Firstenberg

Software Developer / Consultant

Google Developer Expert

By the numbers

Assistant was Everywhere


500 Million Devices

30 languages & 80 countries by end of year


Google Duplex (teased and debated), Wavenet and more voices, 6 new (en-US) voices, Continued Conversations, Routines, Multiple actions, Pretty please, Smart displays, Assistant in Auto and Maps (and everywhere else), Action directory feedback

Actions on Google

Routine update support, Action links, Alpha / Beta test environments, Display tabular information, Visual theming, More display formatting (soon), Voice transaction support, More notification support, Google Sign-In account linking (via voice!), App Actions for Android, AMP integration, Digital content integration with Google Play, Vertical specific solutions, Built-in Intents, Updated SDK for node.js, Updated codelabs, Logging to stackdriver 


Enterprise Edition available through Google Cloud, Train with negative examples, Improved diagnostics, Logging to stackdriver, History logging, Versioning and Environments (with AoG Alpha/Beta integrations)

Google Sign-In

Built-In Intents

(Smart Home Actions for the rest of the world)

Alpha / Beta Testing

The Big Picture

Assistant is at the center of everything!

Google Photos API

Surprise Bonus @ I/O 2015





Photos API



GDG-NYC VoiceCamp!

Build Actions for your Community

 Mon July 9th & Sat July 14th

Assistant @ I/O 2018

By Allen “Prisoner” Firstenberg

Assistant @ I/O 2018

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