Engaging with the Google Assistant

DevFest New Haven

27 Oct 2018

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Allen Firstenberg

Software developer / Consultant


Google Developer Expert for Assistant, IoT, Wearables, Identity






What are we talking about?

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What is the Google Assistant?

A conversation

between you and Google that helps you get things done

in your world.

What are Actions on Google?

Actions on Google is the API

that lets you engage in conversations

with other services

through the Google Assistant.

Increased focus on Design


More Languages and Regions

en-US es-US es-409 de-DE ja-JP
en-UK es-EU es-MX da-DK ko-KR
en-AU fr-FR pt-BR no-NO zh-TW
en-CA fr-CA it-IT nl-NL
en-SG th-TH id-ID sv-SE
en-IN hi-IN ru-RU

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New node.js Library

app.intent('tell.greeting', (conv, { color, num }) => {
  conv.ask(`Dialogflow likes ${color}`, new Suggestions('Ok', 'Cool'))
  conv.ask(new BasicCard({
    title: 'Card Title',
    image: { // Mostly, provide anonymous Objects
      url: 'https://www.google.com/images/branding/googlelogo/2x/googlelogo_color_272x92dp.png',
      accessibilityText: 'Google Logo',
    buttons: new Button({ // Wrapper for complex sub Objects, but can also use Objects when needed
      title: 'Button Title',
      url: 'https://www.google.com',
    display: 'WHITE',

Media Controls

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Google Sign In for Assistant

  • Log-In just once using voice
  • Tied to Google Sign In for web and mobile
  • OAuth is still supported if you have your own auth methods
  • UserID is deprecated

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More Visual Controls

and more devices that use them

  • Tables
  • Improved lists and carousels
  • Backgrounds and theming

Improved Testing

  • New testing library
  • Alpha / Beta channels


  • Improved transaction flow
  • Digital goods / subscriptions
    (using Google Play Store)

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More [Re-]Engagement

  • Notifications
  • Routines
  • Link to your Action
  • Improved directory


https ://prisoner.com/ubi/

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Stack Overflow: actions-on-google


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Engaging with the Google Assistant: The Next Generation

By Allen “Prisoner” Firstenberg

Engaging with the Google Assistant: The Next Generation

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