SHARK NV360 – The best cleaning assistant

Every housewives’ nightmares would be dealing with the annoying vacuum every day. Are you struggling with finding the right vacuum for yourself? Is your vacuum too heavy, noisy, weak, useless? Trust me, I wondered the same thing before I found shark navigator lift away deluxe reviews, which gave me the best vacuum in the category, and ever since then, cleaning the house is such an exciting activity for me. The blue shark vacuum is changing the whole cleaning game by equipping with all features that you need in a vacuum and other attachments that are guaranteed to make your lives easier.

Why choosing Shark nv360?

When the holiday is coming, the cleaning tasks are at their peak, I can’t speak for others but for me, I would love not only a clean floor but also clean furniture. Vacuuming a large area such as the floor is a basic requirement for any vacuum in the market, so all the vacuum must quickly finish this task. But when it comes to furniture, such as ceiling fan, cupboard, window blinds,…some vacuums might be falling behind. The shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 will be the one that fills the hole, with this vacuum, I can easily detach the dirt canister from the machine, and the whole machine becomes handier and lighter to move around, clean hard to reach places. Moreover, the stairs won’t be the problem either.

My house has stairs which are carpeted all over, and even when the area of the carpeted stairs is not too wide, I bet that the time you spend on cleaning this area is double to compare with flat room’s floors. But with the lift-away technology of this equipment, it allows me to carry it up to the stairs, clean the carpet more flexible. What a great user experience, right?

The shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 upright vacuum isn’t nominated as the most favorite vacuum in the market for no reason. It was tested with various floor types and nailed the task perfectly, so it is considered a floor-friendly vacuum. We don’t have to worry about cleaning the floor with this vacuum and somehow damage the floor’s material. It doesn’t stop there, the bagless vacuum also comes with swivel technology, which provides you the best experience of cleaning in any direction you want. Typically, other vacuums in the category would stumble upon the steering option, but this vacuum is light to carry around and can be steered to any corner that cannot reach. So as its name show navigator lift away dlx vacuum cleaner, you will be able to clean not only your house, your furniture easily, but also the back seat of your car as well. With this choice of vacuum, the snack stuck in between the seat of my car is now removed entirely, I don’t have to whine about it with my kid anymore.  


One of the best features of the shark navigator lift away deluxe bagless upright vacuum that I’m excited to try is that it has a HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology that can trap all the dust and dirt inside the machine. It is a massive advantage, especially when you have children running around your house while trying to clean the places. Having this vacuum doesn’t make me worry about the dust and dirt it would cause while using, the equipment would make sure the environment to be absolutely clean after vacuuming. Now my children can roll all over the carpet even when I am cleaning the house.


Moreover, my house is crowded with children, but I also have pets that shed days and nights. I believe that everyone who owns a pet would face this problem as well. The pet hair stuck to everywhere they go, from the carpet to the sofa, I know that their cuteness would cover these hassles, but with shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360, the equipment would suck away these hassles for you. The machine comes with a special pet power brush to effectively collect pet hair, especially on your carpet. If you are a pet owner and looking for the right vacuum to take away the pet hair falling on your carpet, a shark vacuum’s ability to clean all-terrain is the perfect choice for you.


What comes with Shark nv360?


Did I mention the attachments that come with this great machine? Because the shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360 uspright vacuum sure has various types of attachment to help your life easier. If you wish to reach to cabinet tops and clean all the dust hid there, the extendable under-appliance wand is a perfect fit to assist you with this task. Its function is to help extend the length and provide broader coverage. The second one that should be mentioned is the nozzle combination tool; this attachment has helped me a lot when it comes to clean the small crevice, from the keyboard of my laptop to the car interior. In the past, when it comes to these small areas, I had to think of buying a whole new vacuum to clean them because my old one couldn’t do its job properly, but with just this attachment, most of my cleaning problems are taken care of. In addition, washing the dust on the fabric surface such as the sofa, mattress, sheets, curtains, and pillows in a house full of children is a challenge for me; they are getting dirty every day with your child playing around, but the upholstery cleaning tool of the blue shark vacuum is here to save the day, it is made to clean all the furniture that is not easy to wash regularly.

Cleaning the kitchen was my worst nightmare since there are multiple kinds of dust there. But it seems like the designing team of this shark navigator nv360 understands us the best, the equipment comes with everything you can think of. From the crevice tool to clean tight space between the refrigerators and walls, under kitchen appliances, to utility nozzle with a removable brush to pick up liquid on your tables and all kinds of irregular surface, and the dust on countertops is left for horse bristle round brush. Not a single spot would be missed with this vacuum, and not only the kitchen, but it would also make sure all of your houses are perfectly clean.


I hope that with my personal user experience and a quick Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe Nv360 Upright Vacuum Cleaner above, you can gain a better insight into this fantastic vacuum, which is essential equipment for your house. If you are looking for an all-rounder vacuum in the market, this blue shark vacuum won’t disappoint you in any way.


By allensullivan