Product Designer is

  • a convenient and independent application for on-line customizing items.
  • an essencial tool for people whose business involves printing,  embroidering on products and etc.
  • an excellent web-to-print solution for an on-line printing commerce.



Product Designer allows


your customers create their own design on your products:

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Frames
  • Caps
  • Stickers
  • etc.

There is no need to guess customers' appetites. They tell you what they want with the Product Designer help.

Product Designer can be compatible with

It provides a clean API with JSON data, so it is easy to connect Product Designer with any  eCommerce platform.


eCommerce platform

Title Text

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Cs-Cart -

powerful  eCommerce software 

Product Designer is compatible with

It is an excellent web-to-print solution for CS-Cart users, as you can hardly find another fast and rich-featured Product Designer for CS-Cart system.

Product Designer features

Product Designer Storefront

  • Vertical square icons are for text layers adding, canvas panning, all layers deleting and hiding the layers panel;
  • Each layer can be renamed;
  • By clicking the grey square with white eye, the layer hides;
  • By clicking the grey square with white double sign, the layer is duplicated;
  • By clicking the red square with a white cross, the layer is deleted.

Layers Field

  • You may choose the template of the model here.
  • In t-shirt case, the background colour is optional. The administrator can add templates in the Product Designer admin panel.
  • .SVG image format is used for templates. Vector graphic is more accurate in design printing.



Select Models Field

  • Multiline text;
  • Custom fonts;
  • Adjust text size ability;
  • Good colour palette;
  • Outline text ability;
  • Text settings (bold, italic, underlined; right, centre, left positions; ltr,rtl, ttb; kerning adjust).





Text Layer Field

  • User-friendly colour selecting panel;
  • Visual colour grade scheme;
  • Convenient each colour preview;
  • The current colour preview;
  • Ability to select colour using hex colour code.


Colour Palette Field

  • Good clipart library by default;
  • Clipart preview;
  • Аbility to sort clipart objects;
  • Ability to add clipart objects by administrator.


Clipart Library Field

  • Copywrite notice/warning;
  • Custom uploaded images with quick preview;
  • Easy uploaded image adding to canvas.


Upload Image Field

Product Designer Admin Panel

Prototype options 

  • The ability to set up colours, model's sizes and others parameters for your model.
  • The ability to tie the certain colour with an appropriate model, after the colours have been set for each model.
  • The button +Add Combination Model helps you in connecting the colour with the appropriate model.





Model Configuration

  • The ability to upload an image of your model. It can be mugs, laptops, caps, greeting cards, stickers and etc.


  • The ability to set up price, size or dpi for the model.

Canvas editing

  • The ability to define the editing area (canvas).
  • The ability to resize, rotate, twist and delete canvas.
  • The ability to drag and move canvas.


  • Fonts previews are available for the administrator.
  • Fast, easy and convenient way to add new fonts to the Product Designer via the admin panel.
  • No limit for font adding.



  • Clipart objects' previews are available for an administrator.
  • Easy and convenient way of new image adding.
  • No limit for clipart objects adding.





Clipart objects 



About us

Alt-team is a well-known eCommerce development company. We have more than 7 year experience in eCommerce development and 3 year experience with Product Designer add-ons. You can trust us.

Product Designer was made by

E-Commerce Product Designer

By Alt-team

E-Commerce Product Designer

Product Designer (Customizer) is an independent application that can be integrated with any known e-Commerce system (CS-Cart, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, VirtueMart, Shopify, WordPress, X-cart) and help the customers to customize t-shirts, mugs, laptops, iPhones.

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