Meaningful Work and Luck


A Connection to the Vision

Trust and Like Minds

Me: "Have you thought about porting A Dark Room as an iOS game? I'm actually a developer on sabbatical right now and would love to give it a stab."

Michael: "If you want to do a port to iOS, you have my blessings. I'm sick of working in the corporate world, too. If this goes well, there may be a mutually beneficial partnership in our future =)"

Failure in dollars...

Survivorship Bias

This is where most stories end. Never to be heard.

Yes, we are all still dying.



(and no sleep)


Meaningful Work

"I was inspired by your game, I would like to create my own game using javascript. I am 14 years old which also makes it difficult (or maybe easier as I have a lot of time) to do this. How do I get started?"

Meaningful Work

"Wanted to pass on a thank you for the game A Dark Room. Not only does it take me back to my childhood and fond memories of time spent with my father playing these types of games, but your game allows my sister, who is completely blind since shortly after birth, to enjoy a popular mainstream game as well. Something those lacking sight rarely have the pleasure of doing. We much appreciate your efforts."

Meaningful Work - RubyConf

By Amir Rajan

Meaningful Work - RubyConf

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