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What even is a

software engineer?

import numpy as np

def pagerank(M, num_iterations=100, d=0.85):
    N = M.shape[1]
    v = np.random.rand(N, 1)
    v = v / np.linalg.norm(v, 1)
    iteration = 0
    while iteration < num_iterations:
        iteration += 1
        v = d * np.matmul(M, v) + (1 - d) / N
    return v

It's all about solving problems

It's all about solving problems

Fixing bugs

Building systems

Implementing designs

Improving performance



Music is cool?

Return on Investment

After 5 years of working and studying...

$200,000 CAD/year

Unlimited vacation

Work from anywhere

Company retreats around the world

and more!

Computer Science


Learning Online

Becoming a Software Engineer


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Anthony MorrisSoftware Engineer @ Monthly

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