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What is Flutter ?

Flutter is a mobile app SDK, complete with framework, widgets, and tools, that gives developers an easy and productive way to build and deploy beautiful mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

Fast Development

Expressive and Flexible UI

Modern, Reactive Framework

Access native features and SDKs

A Brief History of

Mobile App Development



Reactive Views


Design Oriented

Development Flow

What do you see ?

Diagram the layout

  • Look for rows and columns
  • is there a grid?
  • Any overlapping elements?
  • Do we need tabs?
  • Padding alignment or border needed?

HTML / CSS Analogs in Flutter

Platform Channels

Using platform channels allows for receiving method calls and sending back results

Who makes Flutter ?

Flutter is an open source project, with contributions from Google and the community.

Who uses Flutter ?

Demo !

Any Questions ?

Introduction to Flutter

By Andhika Yuana

Introduction to Flutter

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