Business Owners: 5 Tips to Help You Deal With Stress

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Reaching out to others for support. Find a mentor, speak to fellow business owners, consult with your own employees – each of these support options can help your new business thrive.

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5 Tips to Help You Deal With Stress

By Andrew Binetter

5 Tips to Help You Deal With Stress

For those who dream of starting their own small business, high levels of stress are part of the equation. Forging ahead with a new business venture is all but guaranteed to stretch patience and nerves to the limit, especially in competitive markets. The key to success in entrepreneurship is by managing the stress that comes with operating a small business. Stress management consists of five major components, each offering tangible benefits that will help the new company thrive while preserving one’s sanity. These five components are: Taking the time to relax with short vacations. Hammering away at a new business venture without adequate breaks is a recipe for disaster. Leveraging available technologies to improve efficiency. Automated systems like email marketing, accounting, payroll, and employee performance management software take much of the daily stress out of operating a small business. Taking the initiative to hire help. Small business owners rarely succeed without help from others. Hiring one or two trusted assistants can help overcome management challenges as well as providing new capabilities and experiences. Protecting one’s health. Exercise and nutrition are critical for all lifestyles. Read more:

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