Know Everything about Asset-Backed Finance

University Grants and Awards – much like government grants, universities have become a lucrative source of funding for small business ventures. University programs typically provide research space and personnel to help get the venture going, particularly for businesses in the life, computer, and chemical sciences.

Business Pitch Competitions – most people are familiar with the popular television show Shark Tank, but there are similar competitions held on the local and regional levels each year. Many of these programs are offered by universities and corporate business entities and are designed to stimulate innovation in products and services.

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Know Everything about Asset-Backed Finance

By Andrew Binetter

Know Everything about Asset-Backed Finance

Starting a business venture is a rewarding process for many individuals. Securing finances to make dreams a reality, on the other hand, is a process fraught with difficulties and challenges. To help new business owners secure the funding needed to launch and to survive the first turbulent years, there are many options besides traditional bank loans. These options include: Government Grants – grants from local, state, and federal governments are plentiful, and many of these grants require no collateral. Governments use these grants to stimulate the economy and to create platforms for innovation in manufacturing and technology. Crowdfunding – platforms like Kickstarter, Fundable, and Indiegogo have proven themselves to be valuable assets for new business ventures, allowing individuals to contribute small amounts of money in exchange for special products or deals. Best of all, these crowdfunding options also provide a built-in community of potential customers once the business is able to launch. Business Accelerators – sometimes referred to as incubators, these entities provide valuable training and resources for entrepreneurs. Many offer zero-equity options as well, and some offer cash awards and funding for selected participants. Learn more about -

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