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Nic Branco, Andrew Losowsky, Jolie McCullough, Greicy Mella, Jessica Morrison



Meet Mary

Mary Smith is a public education reporter for
The City Daily, a medium-sized
metropolitan newspaper.


Photo: epSos.de, CC-BY

Mary's needs

Mary needs a way to identify experts who read her stories, to get feedback and leads for future stories.


And the comments section is full of 💩

That's why Mary uses Dispatch.

How we got here

User interviews, paper prototypes, brainstorms with:

• Three Statesman journalists

• ACS Insight Lab Manager

• Head of Engagement at Washington Post 

Plan a

Ambitious platform for journalists to create and 
manage closed communities

too big!

We scaled back to solve a single piece of the problem.

This is Dispatch.


Now Mary has access to the emails of
self-identified teachers who read 
The City Daily and want to help.


She invites them to a 
Facebook Group to share stories, and
to help her with her work.



By Andrew Losowsky


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