• Refactoring the Web (Web5)

    Decentralized Web Platform is a new layer for the web that enables decentralized apps and protocols, allowing users to own and control their data.

  • Selenium vs Playwright: Let the Code Speak

    It's a battle of the code! Angie Jones represents Selenium WebDriver while Colby Fayock represents Cypress. Round for round, Angie and Colby take coding tasks and implement them in Selenium as well as Cypress, then analyze how each of the frameworks perform to solve real world testing challenges.

  • Applitools: AI-Powered Visual Testing

    Overview of Applitools' AI-powered visual testing

  • Selenium vs Cypress: Let the Code Speak

    It's a battle of the code! Angie Jones represents Selenium WebDriver while Colby Fayock represents Cypress. Round for round, Angie and Colby take coding tasks and implement them in Selenium as well as Cypress, then analyze how each of the frameworks perform to solve real world testing challenges.

  • GitHub Actions for Test Automation

    GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with CI/CD. Build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub. Make code reviews, branch management, and issue triaging work the way you want. Angie Jones chats with Brian Douglas, staff developer advocate at GitHub, about this exciting new offering and how it can be utilized for test automation.

  • Test Driving Selenium 4

    Let’s explore some of the most promising new features of Selenium 4 such as Relative Locators, Chrome Devtools Protocol (CDP), and more.

  • Modern Java: Beyond Version 8

    This talk introduces some of the new features of Java 9 – 14 and provides examples of how these features can be used for test automation.

  • Where is My Flying Car?!

    The Jetsons return from the future to check on the progress we're making towards an automated world!

  • Test Automation as a Key Enabler for High Performing Teams

    Angie and Nicole examine the research of DORA’s Accelerate State of DevOps Reports, and what testing practices drive high performance. They also discuss the messy reality of test automation in DevOps and what Angie is seeing in the trenches.

  • Visual Testing: More than Just a Pretty Face

    Adding visual validation to existing automation frameworks is known to catch cosmetic bugs due to alignment or disappearing elements. Many use it to make sure their applications are as beautiful as they intend them to be. While this is certainly a beneficial usage of visual testing, it’s only scratching the surface. As toolsmiths, let’s explore how else we might be able to use visual testing tools to meet our regression testing needs.

  • Coding Future Coders

    In this talk, I share how I explored opportunities to gift the joy of coding to others

  • Unpopular Opinion: Software Testing Edition

    A few hot takes about the software testing industry

  • A Tale of Testing the Untestable

    In this talk, Angie shares her story of trying to test scenarios that were essentially untestable due to various limitations and restrictions. Warning: this story is not filled with warm fuzzies and rainbows. No, it’s filled with challenge after challenge. Angie will discuss the technical challenges, and how coming up with solutions to these were still not enough. She’ll share the details of her harsh realization that the power to test the untestable was not in her hands alone, and that a “whole team” approach was the only way to truly be successful.

  • What's That Smell? Tidying Up Our Test Code

    Given a smelly test automation code base which is littered with several bad coding practices, we will walk through each of the smells and discuss why it is considered a violation and demonstrate a cleaner approach.

  • The ABCs of APIs

  • Ten Commandments of Navigating Code Reviews

    Ten guidelines to follow for navigating code reviews. These practical tips will help lead to a productive process that will help you get your code accepted faster, and without the drama.

  • Agile Test Management within Continuous Integration

    Learn to manage a suite of thousands of tests within a CI environment and yet still get fast feedback

  • How to Become an Automation Engineer

    Interested in becoming a test automation engineer? Here's a path to do so!

  • The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World

    Discussion of the tester’s role in an AI-centric world, the skills needed to test such applications, and the impact that a tester can make in this space.

  • Applying OOP to Test Automation Design

    Practical examples of how to translate object-oriented programming concepts to automation framework design.

  • Which Tests Should We Automate

    When asked “which tests should we automate?”, my answer is always “it depends”. Several factors should be considered when deciding on which tests to automate and many times that decision is contextual.

  • Owning Our Narrative

    In this talk, we will explore how to rise up and own our own narrative by climbing out of the box that we’ve been placed into as testers and redefining what it means to shift left - from our perspective.

  • Developing Your Brand Inside and Out

    Don’t become a closet rock star! While developing your brand as a thought leader, your company may not be aware of the impact that you’re making on the industry. Learn key strategies to ensure that your external stardom is also recognized and celebrated internally within your company.

  • Ace Your Technical Job Interview

    Tech interviews these days are bananas, especially for automation engineers who need to know testing, development, and their specialty. In this talk, I walk through how to solve tricky interview problems for automation engineers.

  • Make Your Automation Behave

    A look into how to extend your existing UI automation framework to take advantage of your BDD initiatives

  • The Open Trinity of Automation Architecture

    Learn how to combine multiple open source test automation tools to architect a hybrid framework that supports UI, web services, and BDD automation efforts. In addition, learn design techniques to ensure your automation framework is extendable, maintainable, and easily allows for contributions even from less technical team members.

  • Growing Your Testers to Grow Your Business

    Your testers know your product better than anyone else on the team. They are often the ones who question the design of the system and if the expected behavior meets the needs of the customer. With so much insight, why are they not contributing to the innovation of the product? Master Inventor, Angie Jones, shares her techniques for utilizing her testing skills to improve the products she works on by inventing new cutting-edge features that help put the company ahead of their competitors.

  • How to Get Automation Included In Your Definition of Done

    This talk provides agile-friendly approaches to test automation which will allow teams to close their sprints with automation in place. These automation techniques allow scrum teams to work smarter, not harder, and find bugs quicker with a more narrowed scope of the root cause, essentially leading to quicker resolution times.

  • A Guide to Patent Development

    Technology is constantly evolving with new ideas being developed every day. Don't just limit yourself to being a user of new technology; become an inventor of it! In this workshop, you'll learn what makes an idea patentable, how to come up with innovative ideas as a tester, and the process for pursuing protection for your ideas via software patents.