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Tomorrow's Problems



Competitive Analysis

Today's problem in development

Enterprise software is getting more complex to develop and maintain.

Today's problem in development

Huge monoliths of software suck both human and computing resources.

Today's problem in development

Developers have no idea of actual production deployment, which leads to discrepancy and inefficiency between development and deployment teams.

Today's problem in deployment

Deployment is extremely hard to set up and maintain.

Today's problem in deployment

Stationary pool servers in proprietary data-centers can't meet the demands of globally distributed clients.

Trends in development


Split the monolith in smaller independent pieces, giving way to the collaboration of smaller teams of developers.

Trends in development

DevOps culture.


Operations are approachable and often executed by developers.

Trends in deployment

Containers and orchestration in the cloud, along with disposable server architecture.

Trends in deployment

Serverless architecture. Never again worry about where your code will live.

Tomorrow's problems

A new plethora of problems including;
graceful server failures,
horizontal scalability,
and getting a hold of the big picture.

Introducing DoveCôte

DoveCôte is a microservices-as-a-solution platform
that solves tomorrow's problems.


DoveCôte gives you the tools necessary for developing microservices at scale, and let's you run your code locally as they would in the cloud.


In production, it orchestrates your service deployment against any number of servers with predictive auto scaling and load balancing.


Lets you monitor the health of your microservices ecosystem and communication in-between.


Developer UX

Build with cote.js, a production-ready Node.js microservices framework for developing highly-available, fault-tolerant, zero-configuration applications with auto-discovery.


Visualize your services

Build your microservices architecture with no effort and zero configuration.

DoveCôte lets you design your services with a visual editor, link them together and code in a simple to use interface.


Zero configuration

Worrying about orchestration, service discovery and registry is a thing of the past. DoveCôte handles every single bit of configuration for you.


Serverless deployment

DoveCôte runs your services on its own infrastructure, so that you don't have to keep a horde of servers.

With its inherently scalable architecture, you can rest assured your application will scale effortlessly.


Monitoring & scaling

Monitor the connections between your services and your service discovery in real time. Get instant metrics on resource usage and scale individual services with one click.


Predictive scaling

DoveCôte doesn't scale on actual load. That's slow. DoveCôte scales predictively so that you will always have necessary resources to run your application.


Stateful architecture

Running stateless functions on demand is only a part of the solution.

DoveCôte lets you wire in any stateful connection with any database or 3rd party service, so you can actually build real world apps the way you did before.


Universal interface

You don't have to choose between designing everything in code versus designing visually and having little control over code.


Write as code, see in the graph. Wire in the graph, download and write the code. It's universal.

Competitive Analysis

AWS Lambda

Stateless functions triggered on request

Source deployed as a zip file

... or written in the GUI

No control / desire over deployment

Scales infinitely (?)

Can't test locally

Can't work with external services

Locked-in to the AWS ecosystem

No overview/big picture for a microservices app


Develop code locally and push

No control over what happens next, feeling of insecurity

Manual / load-driven scaling


Complicated setup of build-packs, etc.

No monitoring

Suitable for monoliths


Geared towards IoT

Wire within the GUI

Develop & test locally

Manual deployment

No orchestration

Dove-Cote Product Pitch

By Armağan Amcalar

Dove-Cote Product Pitch

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