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Arūnas Liuiza

WordPress Core Contributor, WordPress Kaunas Meetup co-organizer, WordCamp (Lithuania, Riga, Stockholm) speaker and one of the editors of the Lithuanian WordPress translation team.


Free & premium WordPress plugin developer:

WordPress Expert on Codeable;

Founder of / EcoSim / TryoutWP;

Lecturer at Kaunas College.

Git / GitHub


  • SVN              - 2000 
  • WordPress  - 2003
  • Git                - 2005


  • Development
  • Feedback
  • Issue tracking
  • Etc.

  • Publishing



  • Development
  • Feedback
  • Issue tracking
  • Etc.

  • Publishing



  • Automated setup;
  • Requires API access to all  GitHub repositories;
  • Requires credentials;
  • Stores them in plaintext;
  • No longer supported;


  • Needs manual setup;
  • Uses a dedicated account or commits;
  • Does not require any of your GitHub or credentials.
  • Built by me and sponsored by Seravo

Deployer Setup

  1. Registration
  2. GitHub WebHook
  3. commiter


  1. Register at Deployer site:
    1. your email address;
    2. plugin slug / address;
  2. System sends you an email with further instructions;


Add a new webhook in the repository 

  1. Settings > Webhooks and Services > Add Webhook.
  2. Enter  Payload URL ir Secret parameters provided by Deployer.
  3. Click Add Webhook.

  1. Login to;
  2. Go to your plugin page;
  3. Click on the Advanced view button.

  4. Under Commiters section add user deployer as a new committer.


Continue your usual work on GitHub. Deployer will now automatically do the following things on

  1. Publish a new version;
  2. Update readme.txt;
  3. Update plugin  assets (icon, banner); 

Publishing a version

Just update your readme.txt and tag a new version via git. Deployer will do the rest.

git add readme.txt
git add plugin-file.php
git commit -m "version 1.0.1"
git tag 1.0.1
git push origin master --tags

Updating readme.txt

Any changes to readme.txt in master branch will be automatically transferred to

git add readme.txt
git commit -m "updating readme.txt"
git push origin master

Updating plugin assets

If you have an assets branch in your GitHub repo, any updates to it will be synced to assets directory on

git checkout assets
git add -A
git commit -m "new banner and icon"
git push origin assets


Publish plugins to without SVN

By Arūnas Liuiza

Publish plugins to without SVN

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