Map-a-thon for Puerto Rico

 10/5/2017 VKC Library

Use down arrows to go through each section. If done with a section then use the right arrow to go to the next one.


(use arrows to navigate down through each section)

click on "Start Mapping" towards the bottom of your screen!

Once you are logged in you will see your name in the corner

Time to pick a project from


Tasking Manager

Might ask you to authorize account

Search for Puerto Rico

you should be logged in

pick this project 

Lets get comfortable with OSM Tasking Manager page!


This is the project overview page. You get a description, instructions, stats, and this your starting page for contributing and finishing up your work!

If you click on "Instructions" you will get very basic instructions for what to do.


For all of the Puerto Rico projects we are only adding building data.


We will also only be using the built-in ID editor.

The basic premise is you "check out" a square to edit. 

click "Start Contributing" then select a task.



click start mapping

To begin editing click on Edit with iD editor.

When done click Stop Mapping.

Do not click "Mark task as done" unless you are confident that all buildings are mapped! If everything is done in the box you can leave a comment and say all buildings mapped. Done!

Click on Edit with Id editor. A new tab should open.

you will see a box in which you will be editing.

Before editing.

Lets PRACTICE!!!! Click H to pull up Help screen. It may already be there for you.



Do walk through and then get mapping!


Make sure to do the navigation section so you know how to use the platform.


 But since we are only doing building outlines you can skip ahead to that section. But make sure to go through it completely before going to Start Editing!


Step by step instructions for adding building outlines.

1.  Start contributing

2.  Pick a task

3.  Start mapping

4. click on Edit with iD editor

5.  go to the new window that has been opened. should have a pink box in it.

6. work only in pink box. zoom in until you find a building

7. click on "area" and starting adding points to outline the building.

8. once outline is done click on Building Features

9. "square your building outline!!" by right click on your building outline then click on the square button

11. click the check again!

9. then click the check to select the building.

12. SAVE!

13. upload!

What to do when you finish a square?

Make sure you are in task manager

If there are more buildings to map. Click on stop mapping. You can leave a message and say "more buildings to map."

If you mapped all the buildings. Click on "mark task as done" and leave a message saying all building have been mapped;-).

Map-a-thon for Puerto Rico

By Andy Rutkowski

Map-a-thon for Puerto Rico

Quick slides for map-a-thon. instructions and links

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