Better RESTful with

- Presented by Ashwin Hegde


What is GraphQL?

1. New API specification, alternative to REST

2. A Query language for APIs.

3. Developed by FB (2012-2015...)

4. Multiple languages support ...

Common problems ...

1. Increased usage of mobile/front-end frameworks

2. Over/under fetching of data

3. Rapid product/feature development & iterations

How GraphQL works?

High Level


Who uses GraphQL?

GraphQL @ Company

+ C-R / gweb

+ ReC (free time analysis)

Visit for more info ...

Join slack: #g & #gs

1. Elastic hub (GraphQL support for Elasticsearch)

2. Opslab-stack (Node.js + Express + GraphQL + React + Relay tech stack)

3. Nanites (GraphQL with Serverless microservice framework)

My Pet Projects

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Better RESTful with GraphQL

By Ashwin Hegde

Better RESTful with GraphQL

Quick introduction to GraphQL and how it can be used as better RESTful and its basics

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