The political iconography of data graphics


  • moral
  • propaganda
  • ideology
  • didactics
  • normative
  • aesthetic
  • semiotic
  • epistemology
  • democratization/popularization


  • protagonist
  • attribute
  • ingredient

Howard G. Funkhouser


Florence Nightingale, 1858/61

Francis Bicknell Carpenter, 1864

Hergesheimer and Leonhardt: slave population in the Southern States based on the Census of 1860

Forrás: Vladimir Laptev/Nightingale

Forrás: Jason Forrest/Nightingale/National Library of Scotland

Parade of the results of the Municipality of New York, 1913
Source: Brinton

Paris, World Exhibition, 1889

Forrás: Otto Neurath - Die bunte Welt, Mengenbilder für Jugend, 1929

forrás: Számok Facebook


parallelism with other phenomena

information overload

the truth does not matter

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Copy of Adatábrázolások a politikában

By Attila Bátorfy

Copy of Adatábrázolások a politikában

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