Data and Journalism in Hungary

Attila Bátorfy, ATLO/Átlátszó, ELTE University Budapest

OPTED Data4Parliaments Conference, 15th June, Brusselles

  • assistant professor of data journalism and visualization at Media Department of ELTE University

  • head of visual journalism project ATLO

  • former head of data at Átlátszó.hu and

    individual data projects, collaborations:
    Center for Independent Journalism
    Transparency International Hungary
    Mérték Media Monitor

  • narrower data collection by the state (including state institutions)

  • limited availability and accessibility of data - more and more paid services of public data

  • what is available: low resolution/dimension data

  • outdated, non-user friendly data protocols, formats and extensions

  • bad quality, dirty data

  • questionable reliability and non-transparent/accountable methodology of official data releases

  • intentional wrongdoings (conversion of speadsheets to image files)

  • nearly non-existent collaboration between journalists and researchers/academia - distrust, jealoussy

  • extreme amount of (EU) money spent on useless, badly designed showpieces by the state

Accountability/monitoring projects

most of them closed down
old technological environment / software
lack of further funding

thank you!

Data4Parliaments Conference

By Attila Bátorfy

Data4Parliaments Conference

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