Summer Homeschooling Activities, Reading, History, and Nature

Summer may mean school's out, but it's full of learning activities. I had to ask "someone write my essay for me", but now I got enough experience.
Have you considered homeschooling all year long? Summer is full of opportunities for fun activities - holidays, historical events, outdoor nature study, and family togetherness. You can take your time to leisurely explore topics. If you've followed a curriculum during the school year, Summer is a good time to explore a more relaxed, natural learning style.


Historical, Holiday, and Seasonal Activities

Nestled between Memorial Day in May and the 4th of July, the U.S. patriotic holiday of Flag Day on June 14 celebrates U.S. history and its symbols. You can easily introduce children to U.S. symbols with Flag Day printables, coloring, and crafts, which will give new meaning to the upcoming 4th of July Independence Day.

What do Elvis's song "Hound Dog," skateboarding, the Heimlich Maneuver, and a stony meteorite in Wisconsin have in common? They all have something to do with the month of June. You could spend all Summer learning about famous historical events in June, July (Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Raffi, and J.K. Rowling...), and August (pop art, swing music, the phonograph, and the escalator...).

Family Time Activities

A few days after Flag Day, children celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June (that's June 18, 2021). After your child has crafted and presented his or her dad or grandpa with the classic Father's Day tie card, how about a hike? With patience and flexibility, hiking with young children can become a long-lasting childhood memory of discovery, adventure, and time spent with family.

You might consider adding letterboxing to your hiking trips. Crafting stamps, following clues, solving puzzles, and hiking all combine in the Old World traditional activity known as letterboxing. That's what about I write my essay today.

Summer Vacation Road Trip

If your family will be taking a Summer road trip, your children may appreciate an activity notebook of printable travel games. For any long drive, I fill a binder notebook customized with relevant printable activities and classic car games (i.e., Travel Bingo) to entertain each of my children. This year it was Arizona and Grand Canyon printables.

According to experts who I pay to write my essay, many homeschoolers add homeschooling to their regular summer activities whether intentional or not. When learning is a regular part of daily living, taking notice of nature and history happens naturally. With a little attention and planning, your family can make summer activities even more fun and enriching.

Summer Homeschooling Activities, Reading, History, and Nature

By Edward M. Attwell

Summer Homeschooling Activities, Reading, History, and Nature

Summer may mean school's out, but it's full of learning activities.

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