Leadership in complex times

Gus Evangelisti

Who the hell is this guy?


25 years in the product development industry

The last good few coaching organisations 

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What's the Extra Complexity?

Leaders act as if they were building simple widgets

We Know
More Now

We know more about customer behaviour

We know more about people and what motivates them

We know more about our biases 

But we keep on acting like him

Woody Zuill


"Leadership is about creating the conditions for people to be awesome"


"The only goal of a leader is to serve her people" Gus Evangelisti

Some Powerful Questions

First Question

Facilitation is a leadership skill

You could try a lean coffee style meeting

You could also try to learn about facilitation

Second Question

Control is the silliest of leader's illusions

Do not fear relinquishing control, you never had it anyway

Let the narrative flow

Use your people's thinking skills to the max

Question 3

Collaboration and healthy relationships are the two most important factors in the success of your people and your organisation


We should do something about it

Let's not ignore it!


Fin Goulding & Haydyn Shaughnessy

Question 4

Telling - Mentoring - Coaching

How sticky is the learning?

Telling - Mentoring - Coaching

How long does it take for your report to complete a task he doesn't know how to do?

This book can help you


Simple, short and to the point with 7 powerful questions to help you lead using coaching techniques

Question 5

Question 5b

Are you one of those people that say they know their people?


If you had to guess, between the lady in the picture and ME, who has a disability?

How about now?

Perception can be deceiving

Final question

Thank you

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Copy of Leadership in complex times

By Augusto Evangelisti

Copy of Leadership in complex times

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