Before we begin . . .

Take a post-it and write down the business process you most want to explore.

Then put it on the glass wall!

EventStorming Workshop

Event Storming Workshop

March 2018

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  1. Event Storming concepts
  2. Event Storming your sub domains
  3. Iterating on our models with others
  4. Networking

Workshop Structure

Event Storming

Collaborative Modelling

Types of Post-its

Domain Events


Business process



External System


Temporal Modelling


Explore your model

  • What process are you modelling
  • Add a starting event
  • Add a finishing event/events
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Get everyone involved
  • Duplicate work, spread out!

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't be afraid to remove post-its
  • Move it all around if you have to
  • Break your own model!
  • Map the same process different ways, then generalise
  • Highlight risks, assumptions and costs
  • Annotate your post-its
  • Draw connections between events and business rules

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Lets get Modelling

We'll divide the room into groups

Pair domain experts with developers




  • EventStorm a real sub-domain process (45mins)
  • Share each others models and try to break them

Next meetup

Event storming++

We'll choose one domain/sub-domain and model it together using event storming

Event Storming Workshop

By Barry O' Sullivan

Event Storming Workshop

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