Before we begin . . .

Take a post-it and write down the main value you'd like to get out of event storming...


then put it on the glass wall!

Event Storming Workshop: Building Noteworthy

Event Storming Workshop: Building Noteworthy




Using Event Storming to spec out a real product

The Workshop:

  1. The Noteworthy concept
  2. Event Storming Refresher
  3. Event Storming Session
  4. How it actually turned out
  5. Networking

Workshop Structure

(Barry will play the role of business owner)

Crowd Sourced/Crowd Funded Journalism

  • New product that the wants to make
  • People suggest stories
  • Stories get put out for funding
  • Funded stories become published articles

Event Storming Refresher

Types of Post-its

1. Domain Events

5. Commands

2. Business process


3. Issues

4. External System

6. View

Temporal Modelling







Shipping Details Entered



Tips & Tricks

  • Don't be afraid to remove post-its
  • Move it all around if you have to
  • Break the model!
  • Map the same process different ways, then generalise
  • Highlight risks, assumptions and costs
  • Annotate your post-its
  • Draw connections between events and business rules

Lets get Modelling!

The Final Product

How we built it


Story Submission

Proposal Publishing

Crowd Funding

Story Publishing


Firebase Auth


Typeform + Trello


Web App





Existing System

Next meetup

Lightning Talks: Real world DDD Experiences

Modelling Constraints: Defining our systems


Which do you prefer?

Event Storming Workshop: Building Noteworthy

By Barry O' Sullivan

Event Storming Workshop: Building Noteworthy

Fresh from the experience of building, we will be leveraging organiser Barry O'Sullivan's experience in using Event Storming to build a real software product. In previous meetups we have used Event Storming to show how we can discover and model an existing business domain. In this session, we will imagine back to the first concept stages of Noteworthy and use Event Storming to help turn a concept into a reality (actual software). This will be a hands-on session that will include participation from all attendees. At the end of the session we can reflect on where our Model finishes, and find out from Barry what actually ended up being built.

  • 1,400