Best Rawlings BBCOR Bats

Rawlings Quatro PRO BBCOR Review

The Rawlings 2020 BBCOR Bat is skillfully manufactured with the best quality composite material to create an optimal balance. Here is’s review of this balanced composite bat.

High school and college players who are looking to generate maximum power without sacrificing swing speed, the balanced swing weight of the Rawlings 2020 Quatro BBCOR bat is an excellent choice.

Moreover, the Q4 suspended inner-barrel technology gives batters with a long barrel, stunning sweet spot, and amazing balanced swing. Using Rawlings Quatro Baseball Bat, you will have a cleaner swing, make consistent contact, and drive it in gaps easily and quickly.

  • The perfect combination of power & speed, the Rawlings Quatro BBCOR Bat offers an optimally balanced swing to give an explosive performance.

  • Specially made for hitters in High School and college, the 2-piece carbon fiber composite works the best for the power hitters in the middle of the line up.

  • Due to the recreation of the longitudinal flex of bat’s layered composite and the good placement of inner barrel. It provides an optimal swing balance.

  • Further, the main feature of the bat is “Vibration Reduction” which saves the hands of the player thanks to stiffer, focused flex technology with the entire Quatro Baseball bat.

  • The ultra-premium design f the bat that is crafted amazingly with a gold and red colorway & a lizard skin grip ensure you have the best bat on the field.

  • A certified bat from BBCOR for NFHS and NCCA.

  • A drop weight of “-3


Actually, the first Quatro bat was a real success, and the Rawlings 2020 Quatro BBCOR Bat is even better. The major change in Quatro BBCOR Bat is the design of the end cap so the weight distribution was even better for the longer barrel.

“The BBCOR Bat With Largest Sweet Spot and the longer barrel remains the major benefit of the composite over the aluminum bats.”

These attributes permit the players a big opportunity of making contact, so the players can leg it to first base. With people on base, you can advance a runner or get them home. Sure, you will feel better while swinging this bat. It is very easy to swing and control, for this, there is a chance for you to square up the ball.


Best Rawlings BBCOR Bats

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Best Rawlings BBCOR Bats

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