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Custom Paid posts are a major rev oportunity

Requires sales, design, development, content creation

Advertisers want custom layouts

Not smart to add advertiser requests to main site functionality

Need a system to treat these as one offs while still delivering high quality content

High pace of development required

Each post requires some amount of custom javascript and layout

Hard to manage dev work alongside normal site feature development + maintenance 

Content Firewall

Many orgs want to ensure no cross contamination between paid posts and Journo content

Need separate storages to ensure this


Seperate dedicated team to create ad experiances

Frontend+Design focused team, w/o need for backend skills.

Technical Solutions need to be drop in to current tech

HTML/JS focused

Need to boil down to offsite js/css and precompiled html


Needs to be some consistently between ads

Still need to be customized on a per ad basis

Build Template

Fast Spin up

Seperate versioning per ad

Consistant Build process


Precreated Sales material

Lm has sales collateral to aid sales people in selling existing components

Existing Template system

LM has existing SPA template system based around article creation


LM has Frontend specialists

Don't distract from core mission

Adding LM bandwidth will allow additional Rev. Stream w/o compromise 

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By Ben Beecher

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