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Parity & Friends, Jan 2019

Benjamin Kampmann , gnunicorn.org

👋 Hello

Benjamin Kampman

Substrate Core-Dev, @parityTech

GNUnicorn.org // @gnunicornBen

Background: The Social Web, Privacy-first offline-ready P2P- Networks & -Communities


the    future




it old

Where are all the ÐApps at?

Lot's happened

  • Plethora of EVM-Smart-Contracts
  • Gazillion ICOs too many don't actually need blockchain
  • more platform: Steem, EOS
      & Frameworks Status.im, Aragon
  • more privacy: Zcash, Grin
  • Dat's BeakerBrowser, Opera mobile
  • ManyVer.se mobile client

more noise than signal

why is that?

Because building a ÐApp is actually hard

  • A simplistic, popular game effectively broke Ethereum
  • your ÐApp might be effected by the popularity of unrelated ÐApps
  • opposite network effect at play
  • we moved the scalability issue from the network one layer higher to the application

EVM-Contract "Game" around fungible assets: collecting cats, breeding and trading them 🌷

  • twitter-like social network on Ethereum contract
  • learnings from cryptokitties
    see their FAQ
    • use ETH primarily for accounts
    • batch updates
    • allows for free peeping
    • actual content on IPFS
  • closed-source frontend to ethereum contracted data
  • effectively centralised control through contract ownership


  • zkSnarks-Based Zero-Knowledge Transactions
  • forked Bitcoin-Client code base to build
  • launched Oct 2016


  • MimbleWimble private transactions
  • build rust client from scratch started Oct 2016
  • launched Jan 15th 2019

Smart Contract

  • fine with contract-model
    & its sandbox
  • okay with the gas-meter-market
  • alright with privacy implications


Bring Your Own


  • SUPER HARD to get right
  • costly to expensive
  • a lot of unnecessary work

+ additional (centralised) Services

Because building a ÐApp is actually hard

  • missing decentralized solution lead to centralized fixes
  • having to build the entire stack is an unnecessary barrier to entry & stifles innovation

A new ÐAwn


Substrate ...

... is a Polkadot compatible, general purpose blockchain development kit in rust

... allows you to focus on the actual chain logic when building your blockchain

Substrate Node


Chain Runtime


Block Sync



"state transition function"


Substrate Collectibles Workshop

Jan 28th, 2019 @ Ahoy


Showing the Workshop Material by @shawntabrizi

is this "the new future"?

Everyone building their own chain?

well, maybe?!?

to consider

  • building a runtime is still "harder" atm
    • other language (Rust), less experienced, fewer tools
  • interactivity between ÐApps ...
    • you can't just 'call' a function on a different chain
  • Your chain, your network
  • Different code-reuse-model


relay chain

Substrate Runtime Module Library

What do I get with Substrate

  • Hot-upgradeable chain Runtime

  • (optional) SRML Modules for your chain

  • Interchain connectivity via Polkadot

  • Hot-swappable, pluggable consensus

  • Light client

  • Chain synchronisation

  • Pub/Sub WebSocket JSON-RPC

  • Transaction queue

  • Secure networking

  • JS implementation

  • Telemetry

What else?

  • maybe other consensus Engines
    • PoW? MimbleWimble? PARSEC?
  • and other Protocols
    • IPFS? Dat? FileCoin?
  • additional Crypto
    • Secret Store? Self-Encrypt?
  • and Privacy features
    • Private Transactions? zkSnarks?

hands-on Workshop at


A new ÐAwn

By Benjamin Kampmann

A new ÐAwn

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