My first

Rust Web App

Benjamin Kampmann

  • self-taught software developer since 2007
  • usually web-stuff (Python, Javascript, Ruby)
  • curator of
  • organiser RustFest (Sept 17th 2016)



I need you to build a new App!

Can I build it in Rust?



Convert Units

convert: meter -> feet

ft = m * 3.2808

million $ industry

Where to start?

  1. cargo init --bin my-first-rust-web-app
  2. open ""
  3. -> navigate to "frameworks"  #nickel-stage-2

boss is all like

How do I use !?!

Templating and Forms

 back to ➲  #nickel-stage-3

boss is all like


Put the Logo on it – we'll sell it!


Static Files

easier than you think!  #nickel-stage-3  #nickel-stage-5

boss is all like...


Cool, now make it with MONEYZ!



you guessed it,

back to ➲  #nickel-stage-6

boss is pleased

Let's recap

  • We can build stuff that makes Bosses happy
  • We are freaking FAST
  • Fundamentals are there
    • templating
    • static files
    • database operations

Let's recap

  • going further it gets scarce
  • we are not rails, yet – higher abstractions are still very much missing:
    • little abstractions for classic problems
    • little ORMs
  • No framework on HTTP/2
  • No (stable) framework for Async I/O:

Where to go from here?

My first Rust Web App

By Benjamin Kampmann

My first Rust Web App

Let's explore the rust web ecosystem by trying to develop a web app for our boss(es). Code can be found at:

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