Workshop SensorThings and GOST 

14-8-2017 FOSS4G Boston


Presenters: Steven Ottens and Bert Temme

Research department Geodan - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Introduction participants

Workshop goals

- learning concepts of SensorThings API

- hands-on experience with installing, configuring and visualizing GOST

OGC SensorThings API

2015: Start of specification

2016: Sensing Profile OGC Standard

SensorThings API entity model


2016: Start development

2017: OGC compliant

Workshop instructions

Workshop description

- Install GOST using Docker

- Configure GOST for Boston bikestation feed

- Using Node-RED, MQTT, OData and GOST

- Visualizing GOST information


Workshop SensorThings and GOST

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Workshop SensorThings and GOST

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