Global Summit, Buenos Aires AR (2013)

CC Toolkits

Billy Meinke / Project Assistant, Creative Commons
Teresa Sempere Garcia / Community Support Intern

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  • Billy - CC HQ Education
  • Teresa - CC Community Support Intern

+Working Groups in short sprints
(more on that later)

Why toolkits?

We can spread the word quickly now.

Let's build some things together.

What are the toolkits?

  • Brief, digestable, relevant information packs
  • Targeting areas of opportunity for open
  • On the web, downloadable, open file formats
  • #CCBY
  • Made by Communities

Explain how CC Helps us share

High Level

Attractive, digestible, relatable

Great content exists

(if you can find it)

A Toolkit

Images  |  Video  |  Text  |  Audio

Find the best content that speaks to the questions we wish to answer.  Gather a list, discuss, raise the most useful content to the top.  That's what we're doing in this workshop.
Put the content in the template and share

The Community

Expertise in many domains, across a range of contexts

  • Survey of affiliate groups > priority areas

education  |  science  |  government  |  creative industries

    Using Open Content

    • Use existing content, practice in curation and remixing
    • Create new content where needed, round out the basics

    And sprint to build it.


    Regional groups and distributed experts.

    These kits are for top-level domains.
    (and barriers we all face)

    If we can't find a minimum number of commonalities or themes, we've got problems.

    WHat SPrint Projects can be funded?

    Development Sprint
    5-7 Content (subject area) Sprints
    + Translation Hackathons w/ SooHyun

    Contact us via the form with your interest, and we will connect the interested folks.

    Is it going to be hard?



    no. (this is why we iterate)

    Are sprints your cup of tea?

    maybe. why not find out right now?

    How (tech)

    • Wordpress Site
    • Google Group (mailing list)
    • Etherpad (brainstorming/structuring)
    • Dropbox / Drive (file sharing)

    WOrking Groups

    Use this form to send us your interest and contact information.  
    • Working Group for each subject area (5+)
    • Lead (1)
    • Members (5-7)


    • 1 complete toolkit (w/translations) due in October (2013)
    • 4 more toolkits due in April (2014)

    Sprints/hackathons at global events October -February

    Translation efforts on-going, also through sprints

    Plus Right Now

    We have a pretty nice Working Group in the room with us.
    (it's you)



    If nothing more, we'll have a corpus.

    3 Steps today

    Brainstorming  | Organizing  /  Content Sourcing |  Threading


    Questions to answer


    • Why is CC beneficial to society as a whole? (narr.)
    • What are the key concepts? 5
    • What are the most common questions people have? 10
    • Who might we use as a case study? 3

    Content to Gather

    What media can we use to help explain it?

    • 3 videos (<2mins)
    • 3 slideshow presentations (<10 slides)
    • 3 (fresh) case study profiles
    • 3 print-ready documents (2 page max)

    +Simple, easy text summaries.


    Let's break into groups, if needed

    Organizing & Content SOurcing

    Let's find and grab the good stuff.

    Threading it together

    Let's put it on the web.

    Wrapping it up

    • Questions?
    • Concerns?

    To be involved, please submit your information in the form.


    • Sprint Cycle - by Jamie Bristol
    • Flame - by Nadav Barkan
    • Share - by wayne25uk
    • Big Idea - (no artist)
    • 3D Glasses - by NDSTR
    • Search - by Igor Culcea
    • Gift - by Stefan Parnarov
    • Bar Graph - by Marc Orro
    • Brainstorm - by Björn Andersson
    • Email  - by Martha Ormiston
    • Network - by JerryWang
    (continues on next slide)

    Attributions (cont)

  • Sprint Cycle - by Jamie Bristol
  • Calendar - by Edward Boatman
  • Group - by Baabullah Hasan
  • Write - by Lemon Liu
  • Conversation - by João Miranda
  • Scissors - by Edward Boatman
  • Thread - by Paulo Volkova
  • Film Reel - by Elves Sousa
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    CC Toolkits Global Summit 2013

    By Billy Meinke

    CC Toolkits Global Summit 2013

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