Letter Chaos find the hidden Word

The letter of a word are scrambled. All letters are there but you have to find the correct order and rearrange the letters. Can you find the secret solution word?

Matchstick Puzzles with Equations

Try to correct the equation shown in the exercise by moving a specific number of match sticks in each symbol or in the whole calculation.

 All symbols (digits and math symbols) of the stick font are visible at the bottom of the post.

Combine Images with Words

One image is divided in two parts and you have to combine the image to read the hidden secret word. Try to move the two parts of the image in your mind over each other and your will see with word is formed by the dots.

Letter Chaos Find the hidden Word

By BrainSportHero.com

Letter Chaos Find the hidden Word

The presentation shows some samples of our brain puzzles and brain teasers.

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