How to get to
Burning Japan


Burning Japan

Burning Japan got a new location for 2016.

"Flyer's park" is a piece of private property
in Niigata prefecture(新潟県).

About 3.5 hours away from Tokyo,

by car or by train.


Burning Japan


Tickets are shipped on September 30th.

As the printed survival guide is in Japanese, please check the Survival guide and FAQ in English.

Gate is open 9am to 9PM

There will be a staff member at the gate, but we strongly recommend you to come before it's too dark.

1. No cell phone signals around the location.

2. It is a private property among rice fields in the mountain. Easy to miss.

3. We want everybody get there safe. All of you. Please.

About 1.5 hr on train






30 min from Shinagawa


To get to Niigata from abroad,
flying in Tokyo is the best.

Either Narita or Haneda is good.

Most of the participants come from greater Tokyo area.

Public transportation

Highway Bus: Niigata Line
3 hr 30 min from Ikebukuro station to Koide freeway exit
3600 yen, depart every hour from 7AM to 8PM, selling out fast
Online ticketing in English


Local Train: Takasaki line → Joetsu line
4 hr 30 min from Tokyo station to Koide station, 4000 yen
Japan Transit Planner (Check "Route Options" for local trains)


Bullet train: Max Toki → Joetsu line
Take Max Toki from Tokyo to Urasa, then take Joetsu line to the next stop Koide station, 2hr 8200 yen.  Japan Transit Planner


Burning Japan is 30 min ride from Koide station. (2 hr walking)


Highway bus stops at Freeway Koide exit, and it is about 30 min away.


Check customized Google map for super markets and DIY stores around.
Ask for ride share on the Facebook event page for English speakers or Ride share Group

Koide station

Koide exit

Burning Japan


Right in front of Koide station, there is a taxi stop.

  • Koide taxi 025-792-9019
  • Kanko taxi 025-792-1100
  • Hikari Kotsu 025-794-2135
  • Sawayaka taxi 025-792-4141

Sawayaka taxi's office is located around the corner when you walk to the right from Koide station.

By Car

3 hr 30 min from Tokyo without traffic.

From Tokyo, take Kanetsu freeway,
Exit at Koide,
Turn to Highway 17, then to 252,
to Save-on convenience store Hirokami.
It's 5 min away from Burning Japan.


Set the navigation system to Save-on:

新潟県 魚沼市 並柳 270

Niigata ken, Uonuma-shi, Namiyanagi 270


 koide EXIT

Kanetsu freeway




5 min

 1. Save-on

Make a left at the traffic light at the corner of Save-on. Proceed about 2km.

 2. A Fork in the road

Keep right. And proceed about 1.3km.

last 5 min

 3. Fork again

Keep right and start climbing the hill for


5. Burning Japan

It is narrow and very easy to miss.

There will be a big sign.

When you start going down the hill, you have come too far. Make a U-turn.

 4. Another fork

Keep right and climb the hill.

You are close! Only 200m left.

  • You need an international driver's license to rent a car. Compact car costs about 8000 yen per day. Gas is about 120 yen / litter.
  • Saturday the 8th is the first day and Monday the 10th is the last day of 3 day long holiday, which means traffic is going to be very heavy on Kanetsu freeway. Each way may take 4.5 hr or more.
  • Freeway is not free in Japan. It costs about 3880 yen to 5440 from Tokyo (Nerima) to Koide. Rentacar places offer ETC card that allows you thru the auto charge exit with discount price.
  • Rentacar in Japan usually comes with a navigation system.
  • If you prefer using Google map, try find the location by latitude and longtitude (37.30437, 138.9591) since Flyer's park's address won't show up in Google map.


Just in case you decided to walk to

the location. (not recommended at all)

Local train "Tadami line"runs 4 times

a day only. The second station "Echigo

Hirose" is the closest. 

From Koide, 7:58AM, 13:11, 17:10, 19:57PM


It takes about 1hr by walking.

Supermarket at the station closes at 6PM.

Printable pdf map is available.

  • Crew members are arriving mid day on the 7th.
    If you need to come early, come in the late after noon. Please do not enter the property before us.
  • Let Makibee know when and how many are arriving early.

Early entry

  • Walk-in fire performers are welcome to join
    "IDE BURN" to perform with fire
    . Contact Makibee, then introduced to "Ide-pro" the organizer on site.
  • Some fuel will be provided since there will be performers from abroad. It is recommended to bring your own, but please do not carry fuel in the train.
  • Bring a fuel container and items for safety. You can buy gas at Komeri. Fire extinguishers are provided.
  • There will be a designated area for performances.
  • Bring photo ID to sign up. Every performer has to submit a document to the local fire department.

walk-in fire spinners

How to get to Burning Japan

By Burninja

How to get to Burning Japan


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