An Angry Mob

What it should be:

  • Collaborative
  • Structured
  • Force multiplier

What it should not be:

  • A seminar
  • Rigidly defined
  • A place to check out

The basics

Non of these rules should be set in stone, but there needs to be some structure to ensure this is a productive use of time.

  • Use one keyboard and screen

  • Use a private room

  • Keep time and rotate who is on the keyboard every 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Everyone gets time at the keyboard, even non-programmers.

  • Take a story from start to finish, or in other words: from planning to coding, to testing, to done.

  • Take breaks when you want.

  • A session should span an entire workday.

More ideas

These guidelines have worked for some teams, but they're not as structurally important.

  • 4-5 people per session.

  • Hold regular retrospectives.

  • Use this time as an opportunity to train.

  • Invite "spectators" and non-dev stakeholders, but make sure everyone has a reason to be there.

  • Voluntary attendance; this won't work for everyone.

  • Adjust often, as needed.

An Angry Mob (SnT)

By ccflack

An Angry Mob (SnT)

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