P2: Initial ideas for song




When looking at a variety of songs to possibly  feature for our music video, Kelly suggested 'Ocean Eyes' by the young LA based new artist Billie Ellish. We believed that the songs deep loved- based lyrics, alternative genre and peaceful melody suited the style of music video we envisioned pre planning.  The majority of the song refers to the ocean, and through our props, bright/bold clothing and planned location of London, we believed we could do the song justice in making the music video simmarily as artistic and heart-warming as the song itself.

Why We Chose 'Ocean Eyes'

As a group we believed in order to create a music video to our best ability,  it was vital we all  connected with the song. 'Ocean Eyes' out of all the other possible songs , was the song which stood out most prominently to us amongst the rest. We also believed it was important to avoid a mainstream song/artist, because those artists are automatically associated with a particular type of video style.  By selecting Billie Ellish,  the up - and coming new artist, adds a sense of refreshment and excitement of a new voice in the music industry.

Narrative Ideas

The narrative idea that came to us automatically after hearing the song was the idea of a trip/adventure. The songs lyrics throughout (constantly referring to the ocean)  generates a sense of venture and an emotional as well as physical journey. When thinking of possible locations that would align with the aspects of the song , London came to mind. The lights, historical buildings, monumental buildings, modern attractions; were all things that we believed we could include in our video to make it special.  Filming our ventures on a day out in London is the main narrative idea for our video, places/aspects such as China Town, Embankment Bridge, Soho , street performers,  lights as well as cut- in scenes of us in the studio featuring various shots of eyes - different colours, shapes etc. .,re all features we plan to include to build our narrative of a journey.

With the use of our media resources such as Canon Cameras, Tripods, Lights etc. , alongside of a variety of locations and shots, we plan to make a processional high quality product, however with a strong sense of personality and enjoyment. We want the vibe of our video to be very personal/natural and not an extremely highly staged/executed piece of material. A hand held follow our adventure type of video which is not only fun to film, but enjoyable to watch, is the type of video we aim to produce. The combination of professional but personal, will add an on-going sense of naturalness which is the overall aim for our video.

Professional Product and Budget Limitations

Since this is an A-level based music video, of course there will be budget limitations and restrictions. All the aspects we plan to feature in London will be free public aspects and attractions  e.g. the visually pleasing exterior of monuments. By featuring things which are free public sites, eliminates the factor of money making the filming process overall more fluent.

P2: Initial ideas for song

By Chanelle Goddard

P2: Initial ideas for song

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