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GraphQL Paris #1



Charly POLY - Sr Software Engineer at

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GraphQL in 5 minutes

  • Query
    ➡️ fetch data


  • Mutation
    ➡️ mutate data
  • Types
    ➡️ optional by default

GraphQL in 5 minutes

GraphQL in 5 minutes

We describe a query, to retrieve data from the API.

We want an artist, named
"John Mayer".
And for this artist,
retrieve top tracks names.

GraphQL in 5 minutes

GraphQL in 5 minutes


  • from id ➡️ searchArtists()
  • from name ➡️ getArtist()


Here, GraphQL is used as an abstraction for the JS clients

An Artist can be retrieved using
an id or a name.

Depending on the arguments,
the API resolvers will call different Spotify REST API endpoints.

The mutation

➡️ operation arguments

➡️ mutation arguments

React forms nowadays


  • lot of configuration
  • validators by hand ✍️
  • non-standard validation format
  • Field by Field building workflow ✍️


  • lot of configuration ✍️
  • validators by hand ✍️
  • forms state in global state
  • Field by Field building workflow ✍️

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

Compared to redux-form and Formik

  • minimal and extendable configuration
  • validators imported from GraphQL mutations
  • standard validation format using JSON Schema
  • Form bootstraping, ability to customise rendering with render props

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

How does it works?

  • using react-jsonschema-form from Mozilla
  • translate a GraphQL Schema to JSON Schema using an introspection query
  • create a Apollo wrapper around react-jsonschema-form

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

What is an introspection query?

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

What is a JSON Schema?

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀

apollo-react-form 👨‍🚀


  • API/Client Interoperability
    map your forms to existing mutations with ease
  • Simplicity
    only specify what you need, in a functional way
  • Extendable
    Remove and replace anything if you need
  • State management and validation
    drop redux state and use form local state


  • GraphQL, a query language for your API

  • GraphQL is still new, there is a lot of use-cases to find!
    • Curious?
      ➡️ Look for Apollo Link State, GraphQL SSR,
      GraphQL on server-side
    • Feel adventurous?
      ➡️ Start playing with GraphQL!

Thanks for listening!

Build React Forms from GraphQL

By Charly Poly

Build React Forms from GraphQL

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