US and Canada:

demographics in 1935-2014

immigration, temporary workers, refugees, 2017

Population growth

These countries are economically and culturally close, so population growth patterns are similar

Natural growth

Since early nineties, natural population growth in Canada is slower than in US.

How does Canada keep its total population growth rate on par with its neighbour down South?

Immigration may be the answer - see next slide.

New permanent residents

The PR numbers are available for both countries and can be easily compared

Add temporary workers and refugees entries

Canada: include

IMO (International Mobility) program and TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker)


US:   include CW,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,S,TN,TD,T,U,V visas, put aside all "visitor" visas like B,C,D,NATO


  • temporary workers and refugees numbers are hard to find compared to PR statistics;

  • Canada relies heavily on permanent immigrants and temporary workers;

  • for both countries, the number of refugees arriving each year is much smaller than the number of new PRs and temporary workers and students.



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