FYSE 1519: Happiness

Library Session

Please come in and find a seat at a computer!

what we're doing today

  • Who I am
  • Where you can find me, and other librarians
  • Major library tools
  • Exercise: Scavenger hunt
  • Discussion and your questions

I'm Ryan, your librarian

  • I use he/him/his pronouns
  • I work with the Philosophy, Geography, Economics, & Sociology/Anthropology departments
  • I help people find and use data
  • I can help with all stages of your research!
  • You can find more at go/ryan/

Two: midcat
Three: libguides




There are two of you! You need to use one topic. Use the topic of the person with the birthday that occurs earlier in the year (e.g. December 30 is earlier than December 31).


By Ryan Clement


slides for an intro library workshop for fyse 1524 in fall 2018.

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