FYSE 1528: Invention of Nature

Library Session

Please come in and find a seat at a computer!

what we're doing today

  • Who I am
  • Where you can find me, and other librarians
  • Major library tools
  • Exercise: Scavenger hunt
  • Discussion and your questions

I'm Ryan, your librarian

  • I use he/him/his pronouns
  • I work with the Philosophy, Geography, Economics, & Sociology/Anthropology departments
  • I help people find and use data
  • I can help with all stages of your research!
  • You can find more at go/ryan/

Two: midcat
Three: libguides


please put one question you still have on the notecards as you leave

And don't forget! You can reach me at go/ryan/


By Ryan Clement


slides for an intro library workshop for fyse 1528 in fall 2018.

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