Node + JS Interactive 2019

About life, robots and cats!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Front End Developer @ Mercado Libre

Team member of Chicas Programando



Constanza ​

Yáñez Calderón

A life story

Pet feeder's design

Building and programming process

What we're going to see

A life story

Year 1994

Orson & Haku - 2018

The pet feeder


Pet feeder's design: components

  • Microcontroller/computer
  • Cereal dispenser
  • Servo motor

Cereal dispenser

Microcontroller / Computer

Raspberry Pi 3

Servo motor




It's platform that allows you to work in robotic systems

with JavaScript



It's a plugin that enables you to work with Johnny-Five on the Raspberry Pi to code 


Raspi IO

Building process

Node cron

Time for a new feature!

Mail notifier

You can build this feeder with little JavaScript knowledge

It's a nice activity to teach how to code

Projects of this kind can inspire other people to build things


Thank you!

About life, robots and cats!

By co_constanza

About life, robots and cats!

Slides of the talk "About life, robots and cats" at Node+JS Interactive. Montreal, 2019

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