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(Patrick Trottier)

  • Student developer
  • Mozilla contributor
  • Passionate about the Web and Information Security, Aviation and Space/Astronomy
  • 2015 and 2016 science fair participant



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The Start of my Journey

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Introducing the Janitor


What the Janitor can do for you

  • Setup your environment in under 3 seconds

  • Access your code from anywhere and any device (even smartphones)

  • Run Terminal online

  • Do more on your computer

  • Keep your computer cooler

  • Current projects hosted on high end servers

How it works?


  • HTTPS connection to code
  • Password-less sign using NPM "email-login"
  • Integrate with your GitHub account

Who is using it?

(apart from me)

90+ contributors

2+ contributors

Total: 206 (with other contributors)

5+ new users each week!




The Janitor

Meet the World's Fastest Development System


IRC: #janitor on freenode


What's next?

Features for Thought

  • Intuitive project controls (ex: build, run and review)
  • Integrate project requirements
  • Added code intelligence
  • Debugger of front end (gdb, rr)
  • Push notifications
  • Add projects (with NPM)
  • Integration with services

Projects for the Janitor?

Special Thanks

Jan Keromnes - creator of the Janitor

The Janitor

By coder206

The Janitor

Introducing https://janitor.technology

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