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DevHub - open source and collaborative real world project

DevHub Goal #1

Build a website and mobile apps for developers to get the most recent and popular articles on software development related topics.

DevHub Goal #2

Show end to end software development process. From project planning and design to tests, UI and deployment. Every piece of source code should be Open Source.

Tech Stack

1. Golang for back-end

2. Python for API

3. JavaScript - React and Expo for front-end


1. Docker/Docker Compose for containerization

2. Kubernetes for deplyments

3. Travis CI for continuous integration (maybe Azure DevOps later)


[ make sure to Star & Fork the repository ]

GitHub will be used for the whole development process including:

1. GitHub Projects for Kanban Board

2. Issues & Labels & Milestones

3. Wiki Pages

Technical Design

All conceptual drawings will be published soon.

Plans - upcoming video topics and new video formats



- Structure of Golang project

- Micro front-ends

- React with REST API

- Monorepo

- CI for monorepo with multiple tech stacks



- DevHub development process

- Tutorials on specific programming topics

- Frequent update videos


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Chapter 3 Video 1, 2, 3: "Upcoming Topics & DevHub"

By Kanan Rahimov

Chapter 3 Video 1, 2, 3: "Upcoming Topics & DevHub"

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