How to Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Miami can be used to imitate many materials such as brick, slate and pavers. It can be used to cover existing concrete or as an overlay. It is durable and strong, but it can be difficult to apply on your own. To achieve the desired result, it is best to hire an expert. Learn more about stamped concrete here. Here are some steps to assist you if you aren't sure where to start.

Preparing the concrete is first. Smooth surfaces are easier to stamp. Preparing the stamps before you apply a design is essential. Mix cement, water and color release to create a pattern. Next, you need to pour the mixture into a 2-by-4 pan or concrete mixer. Next, prepare the stamps. To make them last longer, you can spray them with oil.

Pour the concrete into a form to begin the process. Let the concrete spread evenly on the form. Then smoothen it with a 2-by-4. Once the concrete has been poured, stamp the desired design using the stamps. You can smoothen the concrete by coating the stamps in oil and pressing them with a large mallet. After you have prepared all stamps, it's time to begin the process.


By concreteservicemiami