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Metrics & Edit activity

  • Analyse the edit activity with metrics like n edits/month (The data & the graphs have already been generated.)
  • Similarly analyse bytes added.
  • Compare across languages, cohorts, new comers vs experienced etc.

Content in an edit

  • Look at the content of edits like citations, images, text, sections etc and do a cohort analysis on them.
  • Who is adding them & when and at what experience levels? Are tools like VE making it easier?
  • Are there specific cohorts or individuals doing all of it?

And similarly do the above for articles.

Links to the questions & Ideas

How Can I help?

  • I can help in identifying the key indicators. (I've run a lot of experiments)
  • Help in getting the data & engineering the data pipelines.
  • Build the data visualizations :-)

Use & experiment with a lot of different metrics & thresholds.

Metric / Threshold

Cohort Graphs

Visually analyse & inspect over the entire lifetime of the wiki & the cohorts.

Relevant Links

Help needed

  • Interpreting & Analysis
  • UI/UX - make the results interactive, consumable and accessible.
  • New ideas to graph.
  • How do we get an impact out of the work?

Let's Collaborate

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Let's Collaborate

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