Dialogue Agreements

Divisive conversations on controversial issues are often fast-paced and shaped by provocative slogans.


Participants often interrupt

each other, competing for the floor.

Our divided times truly need respectful and healing exchange.

Yet, at the same time...

                   they also need our honesty,

intentionality and

frankness around painful issues.

Communication Agreements can support us to create a space that allows both:








Frankness and Respect

Honesty and Safety

Challenge and Healing

It starts with you.

Your openness.

Your transparency.

Your care.

Then you can support establishing group agreements.


Firstly, remember that the Trustbuilding Process does not start with the other.

Openness: We commit to learning to understand and not to persuade. 

Personal: We aim to use personal language and avoid hurtful generalizations. 

Resilience: We commit to listening when something is hard to hear.

Airtime: We will share "airtime" carefully and equally.

Respect: We aim to value another person and not interrupt.


Regarding our Way of Speaking and Listening


Dialogue Agreements

Communication agreements
have the sole purpose to support an honest connection.

They can change when needed.

"Trust is a fragile bridge we build each day.

Trust begins with our willingness to start with change in ourselves"

Rob Corcoran


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