Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is

the ability to recognize, identify, and use your emotions

linked with the capacity to respect others’ emotions

in order to create positive relations.  

Emotional intelligence can be observed in four abilities:

Perceiving emotions in self and others

Understanding emotions in self and others

Managing emotions in oneself

Applying emotions in diverse situations

Emotional Intelligence can help us to:

Understand better interpersonal dynamics

Make wiser personal choices

Respond to life in more balanced ways that integrate emotions

Emotional Intelligence

is in society positively correlated* with:

 Healthier personal relationships

    Decreased abusive interactions (e.g. bullying)

(* Research published in the journal Annual Psychology)

Increased skills and achievements

    Strengthened psychological well-being (e.g. life satisfaction)

"It is important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the triumph of heart over head -

it is the unique intersection of both."

David Caruso


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