Participatory Culture

Moving from Passive Observation to Creative Expression

Inspired by Prof. Henry Jenkins

In Participatory Culture people can MOVE BEYOND passive observation

to OVERCOME Apathy, Isolation and Division


with Integrity, Creativity, and Courage.

Participatory Culture* is a culture that strongly supports:

Artistic Expression and Civic Imagination.


Participatory Culture can act like our Human Nervous System

that interconnects different parts of the whole body through a Web of Signals.

Participatory Culture gets embodied through Media Practices

that empower a person to access, evaluate, and create signals in the form of media.

(*Henry Jenkins, 2009)

Participatory Culture includes Actions such as:

1.Creation and Exchange of creative content

2.Validation of content as ‘Contributions that Matter’

3.Informal Mentorship between experienced and novice peers

4.Social Connections and a Sense of Belonging between participants

Participatory Culture finds Expression in four Key Forms:

1.Affiliations: membership in Online Communities

2.Expressions: producing new Creative Media Forms

3.Circulations: shaping the Flow of Media with creativity

4.Collaborative Problem Solving: discovering pathways by Working in Teams

“Participatory culture shifts the focus

Henry Jenkins

from individual expression to community involvement.”


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