Small Group Dialogues

At this time, many people thirst for Deep Connections.

Our Dialogues are envisioned to support overcoming

the naturally awkward moments of online interactions

and enable authentic connections.

Each Small Group is invited to practice Dialogue.

Dialogue means that we intentionally

suspend debate and practice:

Active Listening


Intentional Speaking

in order to Build Trust, Grow Empathy and Deepen Understanding.

Each Small Group follows a Simple Structure:

Step 1: Go around the circle. Each shares a reflection

on the prompt questions. (Approx. 1-2 min each)

Step 2: If there is time left:

Find links between some shared reflections.

Choice to Share: If a participant is not yet ready for a question,

they can 'pass for now' and respond a little later.

Dialogue Format:

Small Group Facilitators: One participant supports the flow of the group. 


Participant shares

Participant shares

Participant shares

Participant shares

The first participant shares while

staying aware of time.

The next participant shares. The facilitator

keeps an eye on time, so everyone gets

a chance to share.


You continue the process: each participant shares a reflection.

If there is time left: connect around personal content that has been shared.

We experience that this peer dialogue format

supports Small Groups to connect intentionally and practice values such as:

Enabling equal participation

Validating diverse Strengths and Skills

Strengthening capacities to risk Open-Mindedness

Helping to Build Trust and Deepen Understanding

"Dialogue is an Art and does not happen by itself.

We are asked to risk vulnerability with courage

and ground boldness within kindness"



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