Trust Repair

by Lewicki, Handbook of Conflict Resolution

Repairing trust takes time.


People must slowly rebuild what often has been

broken down in haste.


One can begin repairing trust by Managing Distrust.


1. Actions: addressing the behaviors which created distrust,

2. Ownership: people responsible choosing to apologize,

3. Agreements: people communicating hopes and expectations, 

4. Alternatives: establishing new ways to get needs met,

5. Follow Up: establishing ways to honor agreements.

This can be reached through practical steps, such as:

Building trust is enhanced through steps of people sharing:



1. Common group experiences (e.g. open dialogues)

2. Common interests (e.g. overcoming divisions)

3. Common goals (e.g. increasing understanding)


4. Similar responses (e.g. experiencing mutual empathy)

5. People standing together (e.g. for the same values)


"Trust is the glue of life.


Stephen Covey

It's the foundation (...) that holds all relationships."


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